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Valgrind is an open-source programming tool, widely used for detecting memory-management errors in large C/C++ applications. Such errors can be difficult to find, and Valgrind is an invaluable productivity aid for programmers.

Valgrind has been used to find bugs in multi-million-line C++ application suites. A partial list of projects which use or have used Valgrind is here.

Customisation and Porting

Our staff includes the lead designer and implementor of Valgrind. Currently, Valgrind is available for Linux (x86, amd64, powerpc). Should you require customisation of the tool, or a port to a different CPU architecture or to a different operating system, please contact us.

We also offer consultancy services in all aspects of compiler technology, particularly in the areas of optimisation, code generation, dynamic code generation, and performance tuning.


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