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Software Design

OpenWorks specialises in the development of custom software applications and services:

  • open source software development
  • platform-independent software: write once, use anywhere
  • database development
  • software porting, e.g. Windows/Access to Linux/MySQL
  • graphical user interfaces
  • internet site development and maintenance

Software Engineering

OpenWorks offers a wide range of custom programming services. We enhance, customise, and support open source software development tools such as Valgrind.

We have experience in custom database development, desktop and distributed application design, various custom software components and web-projects programming.

Systems Development

OpenWorks can help you migrate from legacy systems and automate the transfer of data.

We will evaluate your system, identifying deficiencies and proposing improvements. We provide systems design and analysis, project management and database administration.

Through the use of open standards and open source software, together with our fair business model, we deliver cost-effective, yet stable, secure and fast solutions.


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